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Here is a quick summary of the actions and returns required of the Secretary of the Lodge.

Before Every Meeting

  • Prepare and send summons to Province for approval
  • Send summons and attach minutes of previous meeting minutes to members
  • Send summons to secretary of sister lodges in Bath
  • Send summons to any visitors and/or guests

During Every Meeting

  • Ask those who attend to sign the register
  • Draft minutes for the regular meeting
  • Read any other business in the minutes including proposal for initiation
  • Pass on any circular/messages from Province and Grand Lodge

After Every Meeting

  • Finalise the minutes to send to members, print for next meeting
  • Prepare and submit regular meeting returns to Province
  • Prepare and submit Installation meeting returns to Province
  • File previous signed minutes, summons, photocopy of guest list to the minute book

Relevant Documents

updated from Secretary Page on Somerset Freemasons Website – 14 Feb 2022

Documents and Information

1. Downloadable hard copy and web forms required by Lodge Secretaries

2. The Book of Constitutions is available in its most up to date version online at the UGLE web site.

3. Guides and References (links below goes to Somerset Freemasons Provincial Website)

4. Further Information

Time Management in Lodge