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Inner Guard

This section provides an overview of the Inner Guard’s role as part of the 6 main progressive offices that commonly lead to the Chair of the Lodge as its Worshipful Master.

Jewel of the Inner Guard
Jewel of the Inner Guard
  1. To ensure that the “Lodge is properly tiled”
  2. Learn the right knocks for the different degrees for opening and closing.
  3. Responsible to the Junior Warden
  4. Works in co-ordination with the Tyler
  5. Responsible for admitting all into the Lodge when it is open – courteously challenge Visitors you don’t know, this is not rude but required.
  6. Must ensure candidates are appropriately attired. This is also the job of the Tyler but it is worth paying attention to the details
  7. Present the respective tool for admission of candidate.
  8. Basic ritual to be learned e.g. Working Tools and can be called upon to assist with ritual during ceremony
  9. Good introduction to presenting ritual on the floor of the Lodge

Others: Help with Festive board as Steward (Waiter) if table service is not available. Help with selling raffle tickets and collecting money during Festive Board to raise money for charity.

Years to Chair: 5

Adapted and updated from “Progression to the Chart and Beyond – Handout 2 v2 Aug 2016”