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Junior Warden

This section provides an overview of the Junior Warden role as part of the 6 main progressive offices that commonly lead to the Chair of the Lodge as its Worshipful Master.

  1. Jewel of Junior Warden
    Jewel of Junior Warden

    Is a key office for the conduct of all three Degree Ceremonies

  2. In conjunction with and under the direction of the WM will assist in Opening and Closing of each Degree; practice the 3rd Degree Closing with the SW
  3. Is the ostensible Steward of the Lodge and therefore has the responsibility for the direction of Stewards either directly or through a Senior Steward
  4. Is responsible for the Inner Guard and is under the direction of the WM; will direct the Inner Guard on admissions to the Lodge
  5. In some Lodges is responsible for dining arrangements, collating responses, forming the seating plan and liaising with the caterers (or the Dining Steward)
  6. More involved ritual to be learned and in particular the 1st Degree Charge
  7. Where applicable forms up in the procession to lead in and out of the Lodge
  8. At the Festive Board sits at the end of the right column facing up to the top table
  9. In conjunction with the WM and Senior Warden, will gavel as required
  10. Expected to give Toast to the Visitors
  11. A member of the Lodge Committee and is expected to attend and vote at all meetings

Years to Chair: 2

Adapted and updated from “Progression to the Chart and Beyond – Handout 2 v2 Aug 2016”