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Invitations for Lodge of Honour Meetings

To provide our members with the opportunity to formally send out personalised invitations, we have prepared generic A4 sized invitations that can be personalised and customised and sent out to their guests.

We recommend downloading and saving as PDF before sending out to your guests as an email attachment.

Free to Customise & Use

You are welcome to download, edit and make use of each of these invitations as you wish. The documents have been designed and created on Word 2016. You may edit this to change the following:

  • Guest’s name
  • Guest’s Lodge
  • Own name (as signature)
  • Own name (print)

Fonts Used in the Document

For optimal viewing and printing, you will need to download and install the following fonts on to your computer. You can of course, replace these fonts with what you already have on your computer.

Installing Fonts

For help with installing fonts, see guides below:

Download Invitations for Meetings

You can find the scroll templates for installation ceremony on Google Drive below:

Terms Of Use And Disclaimer

Do note that all Copyright for images used within the scrolls belong to the United Grand Lodge of England.

All content is provided as is, without any warranty of any kind.