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Senior Warden

Senior Warden

This section provides an overview of the Senior Warden role as part of the 6 main progressive offices that commonly lead to the Chair of the Lodge as its Worshipful Master.

  1. Senior Warden Jewel
    Senior Warden Jewel

    The most senior Master Mason in the Lodge

  2. In conjunction with, and under the direction of the WM, will assist in Opening and Closing of each Degree with particular attention to Openings of all deg-rees and closing of first.
  3. More involved ritual to be learned and in particular in many Lodges the 2nd Degree Tracing Board
  4. At the Festive Board, sits at the end of the left column facing the top table. In conjunction with the WM and Junior Warden, will gavel as required.
  5. In some Lodges, he will be expected to give certain toasts
  6. This is a very important year for the SW as it is the final opportunity to learn the necessary ritual when there is no pressure on him, especially the Ceremony of Installation
  7. Practice the ritual during the Ceremonies – test yourself silently
  8. When Visiting, offer or be ready to make the response on behalf of the Visitors following the toast to them
  9. When made Master Elect of your Lodge, be ready to stand and say a few words of thanks to the Lodge.

Years to Chair: 1

Adapted and updated from “Progression to the Chart and Beyond – Handout 2 v2 Aug 2016”