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Junior Deacon

This section provides an overview of the Junior Deacon’s role as part of the 6 main progressive offices that commonly lead to the Chair of the Lodge as its Worshipful Master.

  1. Jewel of the Deacons
    Jewel of the Deacons

    Responsible for “carrying all messages and communications from the Senior to the Junior Warden and to see that the same are punctually obeyed

  2. May have the responsibility of disclosing the tracing board for each respective degrees as its Opening and putting the board away on Closing
  3. Responsible in conjunction with the Senior Deacon for escorting all candidates into the Lodge
  4. Initiation: Particular responsibility for conducting the Candidate around the Lodge during the ceremony of Initiation. Introduce yourself to the Candidate before the Ceremony, ask him to follow instructions; to repeat what you say when you put a hand on his shoulder. Remember to welcome, lead and reassure him.
  5. Passing: Will lead the Candidate around at the start of the 2nd Degree Ceremony; must know the 2nd Degree Answers to the WM’s Questions so you are ready to prompt the candidate;
  6. Raising: may assist the Senior Deacon with escorting the Candidate for the 3rd Degree Ceremony
  7. Progress with ritual to learn and present during a ceremony
  8. Required in conjunction with the Senior Deacon for collecting Alms
  9. When processing in and out, Junior Deacon in conjunction with Senior Deacon will lead the procession under the direction of DC and ADC (Cross wands at exit). When provincial dignitaries are in attendance, take directions from Provincial DC or Provincial ADC
  10. A member of Lodge Committee and be required to attend committee meetings when called upon.

Others: Help with Festive board as Steward (Waiter) if table service is not available. Help with selling raffle tickets and collecting money during Festive Board to raise money for charity.

Years to Chair: 4

Adapted and updated from “Progression to the Chart and Beyond – Handout 2 v2 Aug 2016”